Our Sales team is amongst the best and the brightest in the wines and spirits industry. The

common thread of our team is brand building experience, ability to manage distributors,

passion for craft products and the ability to execute at both the ground and executive level. 

 Dedicated National Accounts Managers

 Sales Managers at Regional & District Level 

 17 Years Average Tenure of Management in the Industry  

For information about Pacific Highway employment please contact us at Info@Pacific-Hwy.com.


senior team leaders 

Matt Bindel

Senior Team Leader – South - (AL, FL, GA, MS, TN, SC, TX, LA, AR, OK, NM)

(415) 420-0895 E. Matt@Pacific-Hwy.com

Neal Sachman

Senior Team Leader – Midwest - (IL, IN, MI, IA, NE, KS, MO, WI, MN, ND, SD, OH, CO)

(847) 800-7333 E. Neal@Pacific-Hwy.com

Jessica Brady

Senior Team Leader – Northeast - (NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME)

(631) 219-9279 E. Jessica@Pacific-Hwy.com

Chris Flanders

Senior Team Leader – West - (CA, WA, OR, HI, NV, AZ, MT, AK, ID, UT, WY)

(206)795-7326 E. Chris@Pacific-Hwy.com


area team leaders 

Kevin McDonough

Area Team Leader – Mid Atlantic (NJ, PA, NC, VA, WV, KY, DC, MD, DE)

(412) 952-2357 E. Kevin@Pacific-Hwy.com

Greg Berberet

Area Team Leader - Southwest (CA, NV, AZ, HI)

(949) 933-6149 E. GregB@Pacific-Hwy.com

Ian Dick

Area Team Leader – New York/New Jersey

413-429- 7063 E. Ian@pacific-hwy.com


district TEAM LEADERS 

Jeremy Snyder

District Team Leader, Southern California

(469) 235-3116 E. Jeremy@Pacific-Hwy.com

Seb Englert

District Team Leader, Northern California

(415) 845-4084 E. Seb@Pacific-Hwy.com

Darren Smallwood

District Team Leader, Florida

(321) 287-9644 E. Darren@Pacific-Hwy.com



Jillian Thornton

Finance Director

Cell: (404)-558- 5675 Office: (404) 978-9739 E. Jillian@Pacific-Hwy.com

Ali Fox

Sales Administrator

Cell: (410) 402-4286 Office- (336) 279-7131 E. ali@Pacific-hwy.com

Sarah Warner

Billbacks / AP & AR

Cell: (336) 587-5758 Office: (336) 550-4923 E. Sarah@Pacific-Hwy.com 

Michael McGuire

 Logistics Manager / Order Entry

Cell: (336) 392-2309 Office: (336) 279-7132 E. Michael@Pacific-Hwy.com