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Renwood celebrates all the best things in life. We believe that wine should not be saved only for special occasions, but enjoyed often and in the company of friends. We believe in living life to the fullest and the expression of this bold vitality as found in fine Zinfandel. 

Sourced from the picturesque Amador County of northern California, complete with rolling hills and rushing streams of California’s gold country. Renwood wines have enjoyed consistently high ratings by some of the most respected wine critics in the world reflecting the skill of our winemakers and our devotion to the craft of winemaking.

OUR FABLE: When the world was young, the birds held a contest to select their king. The one to fly highest would wear the crown. They climbed until only the mighty eagle remained, except for the clever wren hidden in his plumage. When the eagle tired, the wren took flight, and upon his return was proclaimed king. To this day, the birds gather amongst the old vines to celebrate in the knowledge that ingenuity triumphs over strength.