Package Update & Sweepstakes Launching Nationally

by W.R. Tish

Americans are accustomed to receiving vibes from logos, feelings from product names and cues from packaging. Wine is no different, but it is rare when a wine ties into a promotion that naturally reinforces the brand identity and brings the retailers into the picture as well. ForThe Beachhouse, a globally-sourced,budget-minded varietal line from PacificHighway Wine & Spirits, a bold summer sweepstakes is infusing fresh appeal by playing off a timeless theme: fun.

The Beachhouse brand actually has six vintages under its belt, but 2017 marks the first year that PacificHighway is building a promotion around the brand. Moreover, the promotion coincides with a colorful brand refresh,and both the Beachhouse package and the sweepstakes POS combine for standout visual appeal.

Angela Slade, Brand Manager, notes that simplicity was a key goal. The redesign features a bright monochrome color palette, a starfish as a focal point,and simple descriptive text on both the front and back labels. “The brand has a lot of humor and charm, but needed a refresh,” Slade explains. “We toned it down and made it more about personal gatherings and personal time,times of relaxation, especially in the summertime.” In short, The Beachhouse is angling to be people’s summer house wine. And the appeal extends beyond the Millennial demographic.

 Freedom Factor

With the update already having an impact—shipments are up 45% over the same time last year, notes Slade—and with national distribution in place, the stage is set for the brand’s ambitious sweepstakes promotion, which runs Memorial Day through Labor Day. Key aspects of The Beachhouse $10K Getaway:

  •  Runs Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Grand prize is a gift certificate worth $10,000 to use with Travel Leaders for a customized getaway
  • Program is supported by displays, social media, events and advertising

What sets the promotion apart from typical sweepstakes is the customizable grand prize. “It’s wide open. The winner can book a yoga retreat with friends or book a beach house to rent and host a big family gathering, or go hunt down lost relatives in Cork. It spans interest and ages,” she says. Indeed, while researchers often note Millennials’ attitudes toward experiences over “things,” the customizable factor certainly extends the appeal among LDA consumers.

As with all such sweepstakes, no purchase  is necessary to win. Making it hard not to notice, the POS materials are colorful but grounded by a whitewashed wood motif and the tagline “Sip back and relax.” Floor displays can be set up with a single stack of four cases (there is also an arbor display for 16-20). And the sky-blue neckhangers complement The Beachhouse labels well.

Social media support for the $10KGetaway will focus on Facebook,Instagram and music streaming. Summer themed activations slated for the last weekend of each month are designed to drive additional awareness and participation.

And all the while, The Beachhouse wines are hanging comfortably in their fresh, simple summery wardrobe, friendly under-$10 tags and global footprints: Pinot Grigio from Italy; Chardonnay from California; and Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Sunset Red (Shiraz) from South Africa. 


Partnership for the National Accounts On-Premise Channel


March 1, 2017, Greensboro, NC

Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits today announces the appointment of The Mark Wine Group for On-Premise National Accounts representation across USA. At 38% sales growth in 2016, Pacific Highway is preparing for the next stage of company growth by tapping the highly experienced National Accounts sales agency.

Mark Giordano, President Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits commented, “The Mark Wine Group has an impressive track record in the On-Premise National Accounts channel and by adding them to our existing sales structure, we are setting the brands in our portfolio on a fast course for growth. We look forward to a great partnership.” 

“Pacific Highway fits perfectly into our global portfolio of family owned wineries,” says Mark Gmur, President of The Mark Wine Group, referring to the world-class portfolio of family owned wineries represented by The Mark Wine Group.  “We are deeply honored to have been appointed by Pacific Highway and truly excited about strengthening our Australian, New Zealand, and South African offerings through this partnership.”


About Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits:  Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits is a specialized import, sales and marketing agency, dedicated to family-owned brands from coveted wine regions across the globe. Owned by the Oatley family of Australia and the Giesen family of New Zealand, the Pacific Highway portfolio features imported brands from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Chile, Spain, as well as domestic brands from Oregon and California. For more information, visit

About The Mark Wine Group: Founded in 2007, The Mark Wine Group is a premier wine agency that provides global and domestic wine selections from family-owned and independent wineries to restaurant and hotel chains across the United States. The portfolio is the largest collection of highly-visible, marketable family and independent wineries under one roof available to the On-Premise National Account. For more information, visit 

For further information, please contact: 

Angela Slade - VP Brand Strategy & Communications,  Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits 

E. angela@pacific-hwy.comT. 415 819 5131


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Giesen featured in LA Times

Giesen is featured in an article in the LA Times! Patrick Comiskey writes on New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, a truly special variety of wine that the Giesen Brothers are well versed in.

But none has gone quite so far as Giesen. The brothers produce no less than eight Sauvignon Blanc bottlings, drawing in large part from a diligent exploration of their older vineyards, from the seaside plantings of Wairau to the gently rolling slopes of the Southern Valley.
— Patrick Comiskey