Pacific Highway Wine &  Spirits is owned by two prominent wine families – the Oatley family of Australia and the Giesen family of New Zealand. The group focus is on family brands and compelling regional projects, fine wine stories, and great value offerings.

From craft to broad distribution, the Pacific Highway team is highly skilled in the US market, building and managing comprehensive sales and marketing programs across an impressive wholesale network.Working in partnership with suppliers, leveraging relationships around the globe, and building successful brands together with distributor and trade partners are the keys to Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits success.


To thrive in the competitive US market requires partnership. As strategic partners, Pacific Highway builds and manages comprehensive sales and marketing programs across an impressive wholesale network.  Working with experienced partners, our wine and spirits suppliers are enabled to both build brand awareness and grow presence while improving the bottom line and maximizing return on investment. Pacific Highway takes pride in communication, transparency and interpreting market data to make joint, informed decisions that align with the client’s long-term goals.


Mark Giordano - President

Mark Giordano - President

At the helm of Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits, Mark Giordano is a wine and spirits leader in the US market. Groomed by some of the largest wine companies in the USA, Giordano has been in the industry nearly 20 years’ and has experience building successful distributor partnerships, creating opportunities with key accounts, leading sales teams and driving brand growth in USA. Whether large-scale or boutique propositions, Giordano confidently crafts the paths to success in the US market.

“Fly by night brands don’t interest us at all. Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits only partners with real people who have real stories and outstanding fine wines and craft spirits. Brands with authenticity and longevity – that’s what we look for in our portfolio.

— Mark Giordano, President


Angela Slade – Vice-President, Brand Strategy & Communications

Angela Slade is a global wine industry marketer with experience across three continents and over 35 wine region – she was raised in Napa and worked in Italy and Australia before returning to USA in 2004. Slade is energized by public relations, product positioning, fine wine education and collaborative projects. She offers a clear vision and positive voice for brands, clients and categories.

“Sharing fine wine stories and viticultural projects from around the world really excites me….equally important is ensuring that all of our offerings at Pacific Highway are poised for success in the US market. The right offering, the right timing, the right price, undeniable quality and an authentic place and purpose – that’s what we look for in our portfolio.

— Angela Slade, VP Brand Strategy & Communications