Mark Giordano - President Mark@Pacific-Hwy.com

Lee Woodard - VP, Operations & General Manager Lee@Pacific-Hwy.com  

Angela Slade - VP, Brand Strategy/Communications Angela@Pacific-Hwy.com

Rick Durette - VP, National Sales Rick@Pacific-Hwy.com



Mark Giordano - President

Mark Giordano  President

At the helm of Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits, Mark Giordano is a wine and spirits leader in the US market. Groomed by some of the largest wine companies in the USA, Giordano has been in the industry nearly 20 years’ and has experience building successful distributor partnerships, creating opportunities with key accounts, leading sales teams and driving brand growth in USA. Whether large-scale or boutique propositions, Giordano confidently crafts the paths to success in the US market.

“Fly by night brands don’t interest us at all. Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits only partners with real people who have real stories and outstanding fine wines and craft spirits. Brands with authenticity and longevity – that’s what we look for in our portfolio."

— Mark Giordano, President

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Angela Slade – Vice President, Brand Strategy & Communications

Angela Slade is a global wine industry marketer with experience across three continents and over 35 wine region – she was raised in Napa and worked in Italy and Australia before returning to USA in 2004. Slade is energized by public relations, product positioning, fine wine education and collaborative projects. She offers a clear vision and positive voice for brands, clients and categories.

“Sharing fine wine stories and viticultural projects from around the world really excites me….equally important is ensuring that all of our offerings at Pacific Highway are poised for success in the US market. The right offering, the right timing, the right price, undeniable quality and an authentic place and purpose – that’s what we look for in our portfolio."

— Angela Slade, VP Brand Strategy & Communications


Lee Woodard – Vice President, Operations & General Manager

Lee Woodard is an operations and logistics authority, with over 25 years of leadership in global logistics, distribution, customer service and operations running large scale global supply chain management and operational transformation for Hanesbrands and New Breed Logistics. At 36% revenue growth and 38% case sales growth in 2016 over 2015, Pacific Highway is growing at a fast clip and is in great hands with Woodard as the group’s General Manager, building the infrastructure to streamline winery projects and continue fast business growth.

“This is an exciting change for me – to join the wine industry and cross over my skill set to a company that is right at the front of tremendous growth. I’m thrilled to be at Pacific Highway to implement the operating platforms and business processes needed to enable future growth and success."

–Lee Woodard, VP Operations & General Manager



Rick Durette – Vice President, National Sales

“Rick’s impressive sales background and leadership is critical to our growing business and to fast-tracking the growth of our brands. We are pleased to welcome him aboard.”  Mark Giordano, President, Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits. 

“I'm thrilled to join the Pacific Highway team and to be working with this beautiful portfolio of very special wines from around the world.”

–Rick Durette, Vice President, National Sales



Sales directors:

Neal Sachman - Director – National Accounts

(847) 800-7333 E. Neal@Pacific-Hwy.com

Jessica Brady - Sales Director – Northeast

(NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME)

(631) 219-9279 E. Jessica@Pacific-Hwy.com

Kevin McDonough - Sales Director – Mid-Atlantic

(PA, NC, VA, WV, KY, DC, MD, DE, OH, TN)

(412) 952-2357 E. Kevin@Pacific-Hwy.com

Cari Focht - Sales Director – Midwest   

(IL, IN, MI, IA, NE, KS, MO, WI, MN, ND, SD, CO)

(612) 867-9884 E. Cari@Pacific-Hwy.com

Scott Stowe- Sales Director – West   

(CA, NV, AZ, WA, OR, HI, AK, ID, MT, UT, WY)

(707) 301-9350 E. Scott @Pacific-Hwy.com

Ken Meyerson- Sales Director - Southeast 

(AL, FL, GA, MS, SC) 

(540) 207-4277 E. Ken @Pacific-Hwy.com



Jeremy Snyder - Area Sales Manager – South Region  

(TX, LA, OK, NM, AR)

(469) 235-3116 E. Jeremy@Pacific-Hwy.com

Jonathan Udkow - Area Sales Manager –  California

(CA, NV, AZ)

(510) 710-5827 E. Jonathan@Pacific-Hwy.com 

Jerry LaVecchia - Sales Manager – Tri-State Region

(NY, NJ, CT)

(908) 794.4306 E. Jerry@Pacific-Hwy.com



Lee Woodard - VP, Operations & General Manager

Office (336) 256-9642 E. Lee@Pacific-Hwy.com 

Richard O'Brien - Finance Director, AR/AP

Office: (336) 279-7136 E. Richard@Pacific-Hwy.com

Sarah Warner - Compliance & HR

Office: (336) 550-4923 E. Sarah@Pacific-Hwy.com  

Denise Powell - Operations Manager

Office: (336) 279-7137 E. Denise@Pacific-Hwy.com

Courtney Doss - Marketing Manager

Office: (336) 279-7131 E. Courtney@Pacific-Hwy.com

Allison Morris - Order Entry Coordinator

Office:(336) 279-7138  E. Allison@Pacific-Hwy.com 

Jessica Harber - Accounts Administrator

Office:(336) 279-7136  E. JessicaH@Pacific-Hwy.com