Beachhouse n.  A coastal region that offers culturally distinct food, wine and lifestyle experiences that enrich celebration of life. 

The BeachHouse wines namesake is inspired by the exotic, culturally diverse enclave of food, wine and lifestyle experiences that is the magnificent city of Cape Town, South Africa. Surrounded by the mighty Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and home to vineyards over 350 years old, this coastal region or “BeachHouse”, produces a unique offering of delicious, food friendly wines.     

The genesis of The BeachHouse brand was to create “the” South African brand of choice for women 25 – 50 years old in the US market.  Our plan was to produce a single label white wine brand (South African whites represent some of the highest quality, value for money wines in the world) and come up with a unique name and package design that would “connect” with the American consumer.  Since its introduction in select east coast states in the spring of 2011, it has quickly become the # 1 selling South African brand in America.

The wines of South Africa are grown and produced in some of the most exciting and dramatic vineyard lands in the world . This canvas and perfect Mediterranean climate, create wines with a unique balance between old world and new world styles. These facts are why South African wines.

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